Vision & mission



Neak Tep Hospital is envisioned to become a leading patient-centered care hospital that provides high quality, affordable and holistic medical care for all patients.



Neak Tep Hospital strives to provide a high standard of quality medical services driven by patient values, needs and preferences.



The management team at Neak Tep Hospital is committed to good governance that persistently improves our services provision, maintains the knowledge, skills, and competence of our human resources with up to date medical research findings and technology while being transparent with the service provided to our patients.

We work to ensure that all patients and visitors coming to our hospital feel comfortable, respected with warmly welcomed by our friendly, attentive staff and they receive high quality, affordable medical services that fulfill their needs.

Neak Tep Hospital currently employed fifteen general and specialized medical doctors, and fifteen nurses with various nursing care background. They are experienced, medical license registered professionals with commitment and dedication to continuing education and high quality of clinical practices to improve patient experiences and satisfaction.

We welcome every feedback from our patient and work to demonstrate a willingness to continually review and improve our standards of patient care.