Patient Fees



Medical consultation initial for children or adult

$20 - $30

Special Case consultation initial ( Heart, Gynecology, ENT and Surgery)


Nurse fee for in-patient/ day


Doctor fee for in-patient/ day


Physiotherapy/ Time


Hotel/Family oncall at night/visit, Doctor charge (exclude medicine)


Medical Procedures

IV fluid, Nebulizer of Salmutamol 2.5mg/dose, LP ( Consent form agreement), peritonial systhesis,

Gynaecology Investigation Procedure, Blood aspiration for trauma( Haematome release),

Pleural tap, Urine catherization, Nasal gatric tube, Nasogastric tube cleaning (Poisining)

$8.00 - $100

Chest tube (Consent form agreement required)  


Minor Surgical Procedures

Wound Dressing, Incison of small abscess, sutures, Paronychia (ingrown nail), Cyst Removal / Spot Removal,

Circumcision (Phymosis), Knee joint puncture, Abscess (I&D) Big >3cm, 

Burn Contracture release

$5.00 - $150.00

Casting on the right/Left hands or Casting on the right/left foots

> $100.00

Major Surgical Procedures

Appendectomy, Laparotomy (Peritonitis), Hydrocel/Hernia, Tonsillectomy under general anesthesia,

Reduction on hand / thigh cast, Breast tumor removal, Thyroid removal, Thyroid cyst removal, Ovarain cyst, 

Sinusitis curettage surgery, Bladder stone/ Uretic stone, Entra Grossae/ Ectopic prenancy,

Anal fistula repair, Biopsy (general and local anaesthesia)

$150 - $1500


Anesthesia (General, Local, Epidural)

$30 - $200

Emergency Service Charge

Less than 3 hours, then refer to admission( in-patient) / or
go home/refer to referral hospital/ other clinic

$40 - $100


ICU room with observation+ Service charge/day


VIP room with aircon + Service /day


Private room with fan + Service /day


Regular sharing room + Service/day


Emergency room with observation+ Service charge/day

$30 - $100

X Ray

Chest x-ray (AP) and Reading, Lim X-ray, Hip X-ray (AP), Spine X-ray (AP or Lateral), Hand X-ray,
Foot x-ray


Bariums Enema with palin abdominal X-ray and interpretation



Abdomen and Pelvis, Obstetric, Heart, EKG by monitor machine probe with report

$10.00 - $30.00


Hep A for adult 


Hep A for children


Hep B for adult (Euvax)  


Hep B for children (Euvax)


Rabbie Vaccine [ INDIRUB (India)=$35VERORAB (France) =$45] including consultation


MMR vaccine( Priorix)


Japanese Encephalitis (Imojev)


Chicken Pox (Varivax)


Typhoid (Thyhim)


Tetracoq (DPT+Polio+Hib+Hep B)


Hib B (For menigitis + Pneumonia caused by Hemophilus Influenzae type B)


Meningococcal A+C encephalitis 


Polio (Imovax)


Flu (Vaxigrip)


HPV( Cervarix) for cervical cancer ( Cervarix=$70, Gardasil=$80)

$70.00 - $80.00



Adacel (Diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis)




Kamrab (HRIg) Human rabies immunoglobulin


Yellow Fever




*Fees may differ for members of the expatriate community. For a price list for expatriates please contact the clinic