Medical Administration


Our ambulance is equipped with ventilation equipment, first aid materials, various medicines, and a medical support team.


We offer affordable, comfortable 24-hour ambulance services for safe, fast emergency patient transfers and referrals to the Neak Tep Hospital, or desired health facilities located in either Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, or other provinces across Cambodia, as well as in the neighbouring countries such as Thailand and Vietnam.


The ambulance can standby with first aid support at hotels, places of projects, and other specific locations during the occurrence of various events, performances, and campaigns to make sure peace of mind health safety, and on-time lifesaving.


To contact our Ambulance Service, please call 017 928 655 or 015 88 38 99.





A medical certificate is often required for employment, health insurance, international travel, work permit, or visa application.


We, therefore, provide certified medical certification for a wide variety of medical examination tests ranging from blood count, sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphilis, and herpes, physiological functions including cardiovascular and lung, imaging, and X-ray to full body examination.


The medical certificate is prepared by a responsible physician, and to be approved by the hospital director with official stamp. This certificate is well recognized, and widely accepted for official use by governmental institutions, embassies, NGOs and private entities.